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SlideSource expertise, skills, and slide management solutions help clients navigate the complex world of regulatory and scientific presentations.

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SlideSource works with pharmaceutical executives and their teams who need expert presentation services to drive positive impact for patients, physicians, and investors.

We are technology pioneers, scientific graphic artists, and PowerPoint gurus. We are creators, collaborators, and slide management innovators. Simply put, we are where great presentations begin. 

Our team has the confidence that only comes from over 25 years of helping clients find unique ways to present their stories in a changing and increasingly virtual world. We are technology pioneers, scientific graphic artists, and PowerPoint gurus. We are creators, collaborators, and slide management innovators. Simply put, we are where great presentations begin.  

Good decisions are guided by effective presentations

Your team has developed an idea into an innovative solution that will positively impact the lives of patients. But for your solution to reach those patients, it needs to be presented effectively and persuasively to both stakeholders and gatekeepers.  Does your team have the capabilities to produce presentation materials capable of making
the most of this opportunity?

You need a skilled and experienced presentation partner

We understand your science as well as the audiences you aim to engage. We do more than just make slides look pretty. We consider the presentation as a whole, take time to learn the specifics of your program, and work in partnership with you to convey your message clearly, concisely, and effectively.

Since 1986 we have


Supported sponsors in more than 200 FDA Advisory Committee meeting preparations


Worked on over 7,000 medical presentations worldwide


Worked with 15 of the 20 largest pharmaceutical companies in the world


Produced millions of beautifully effective slides.

Estimated number of slides we have produced

Presentation Services

Explore how we partner with teams in every area of the company and with products in every phase of their lifecycle

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Why choose us?

If you are looking for just a few slides, a presentation face-lift, or something built from scratch to help you accomplish your communication objectives, our designers and technical graphic specialists are second to none.

And, if you are looking for an expert partner who understands your presentation needs and is always there when you need beautiful, effective slides, graphics, and presentations, there is simply no better team than SlideSource.

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Quick Replies
Why choose us?
Johnson & Johnson

“We simply could not have done it without SlideSource’s help. I learned a lot about how to effectively present information in PowerPoint format through you and others. I am very pleased with the outcome and am very grateful for all the support you provided us.”

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Our Experience Is Your Advantage

Hear what our incredible customers have to say!

“I just saw the completed slides and WOW. I'm always impressed with how you can take work that is so ugly and make it look so presentable. Thanks so much!!!”

Pinney Associates
Corporate Presentation - Population Impact

"I cannot thank you enough for the support SlideSource gave to our team and on such incredibly short notice. The level of accommodation and professionalism we experienced with your team is unparalleled…and it absolutely contributed to our success. Our slide handlers felt so much more confident for Q&A and our presenters and responders greatly benefited from improvement in technology. Of course, you were amazing in helping us clean up our slides and getting them ready for the big show. And although we know you can swoop in to save us at the 11th hour, the next time around we’ll call you much earlier!! Thank you again for everything. We have so much respect for you and your organization."

US World Meds
FDA Advisory Committee Meeting

"At our strategy meeting people kept saying "She has the slide folks" .... you guys are my ace in the hole!"

Corporate and Clinical Presentation Design

"It’s clear that their senior management was in awe of the delivery of the core presentation, the incredible technical and clear slide support and fluid execution of response to very challenging and often unfair Q&A. I was told by the head of Oncology development that he would absolutely recommend us to anyone in the industry who needs advisory committee support. I wish to add in the face of a full hotel power outage the night before, I was so impressed with this team, literally running down flights of stairs to the lobby to find a solution, which of course you did AND with contingencies in your back pocket! Bravo all."

PharmApprove / Amgen
FDA Advisory Committee Meeting

"Thank you and just to reinforce and be repetitive… we appreciate your partnership on these two data releases. Your responsiveness to all the comments and requests has been greatly appreciated and we look forward to getting this across the finish line soon."

Topline Results Presentation

"These all look amazing as usual!"

Quarterly Earnings Presentation

"Wow, I can’t express how grateful we are to have a tech and slide team to work with that is so freakin’ amazing. You all were stellar today. Actually, you’ve been stellar all along, but today you made everything just “work.” For example: • Last minute script edits handled without a hitch • A flawless core presentation • Seamless transitions from FDA to Sponsor to FDA to Sponsor during Q&A"

PharmApprove / Amgen
FDA Advisory Committee Meeting