Never Lose a Slide or Presentation Again

SlideSource Library™ helps you organize and manage slides, presentations, and supporting documents from a single, secure online library — anytime, anywhere.

We developed our slide management solutions in collaboration with teams at some of the largest companies in the world — teams that needed to manage thousands of slides and presentations and share them with affiliates around the world. Now, these same tools are available to every company and every presenter.

SlideSource Library

How It Works

  1. Upload and organize your PowerPoint slides in a single, secure location.

  2. Invite team members to collaborate across your slide library to create and edit approved slides and presentations.

  3. Provide access to all your users, allowing them to easily download approved slides and presentation content anytime.

Where great presentations begin.

Learn more about our subscription offerings by selecting what fits your needs.

  • Free
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    1 User, Up to 100 Slides, 250 MB Document Storage
  • Basic
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    3 Users, 500 Slides,
    500 MB Document Storage
    Up to 2,500 Slides and
    2 GB Document Storage
  • Plus
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    25 Users, 1,000 Slides,
    1 GB Document Storage
    Up to 6,000 Slides and
    5 GB Document Storage
  • Professional
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    200 Users, 2,000 Slides,
    2 GB Document Storage
    Up to 12,000 Slides and
    10 GB Document Storage
  • Enterprise
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