Presentation Services

Since 1986, SlideSource has been a trusted partner for pharma and biotech customers creating beautiful, effective graphics and presentations across all business units. 


Medical Affairs Presentations

Medical affairs teams need fast, accurate and effective graphics and presentations support. That is why teams partner with SlideSource. We are a complete graphics department available when you need us.

Our expertise lies in custom visualization of complex scientific data and information, ensuring it is clearly conveyed and understood. We specialize in developing graphs and presentations tailored to your audience while using visual displays that are easy to update as data changes, enabling you to disseminate updates, case studies, and other critical data-oriented communications swiftly and efficiently to your field team.

Graphics & presentations for:
Gather Insights

Before we begin developing your presentation, we take time to understand your vision, audience, venue, and key communication objectives.


Our team partners with you or your SMEs to navigate the complex process of crafting a presentation that brings your vision to life.


Our unique presentation design process blends storytelling and visuals to create impact and accomplish your objectives.

Prepare and Present

Our team of experts assesses your presentation setting to ensure a flawless presentation. 


Clinical Presentations

Managing a rapidly growing clinical program is challenging. From investigator training to final study readout, fast effective graphics and presentations are needed every step of the way. SlideSource designers and technical graphics specialists are ready to help.

In addition to other clinical presentations, SlideSource excels at helping you get your data to stakeholders fast. We can take your topline study readouts and turn them into sn effective presentation with lightning speed and accuracy.

Graphics and presentations for:


Regulatory Presentations

Few presentations are as complex or strategically important as an FDA advisory committee meeting (ACM). With over 25 years and more than 150 meetings of experience, we ensure your team and your data have the best chance for success. We provide full core and backup slide development and proven systems for organizing and presenting your data.

Graphics and presentations for:
Building the Story

We take the time to learn and understand your data so we can bring your science to life. We apply our 28 years of experience to strategically outline and develop your presentation.

Tools to Navigate

From start to finish, our suite of proprietary tools and systems supports the development, indexing, and retrieval of backup slides.


Effective practice is the secret sauce of winning ACM presentations and we ensure that virtual, hybrid or face-to-face rehearsals build the confidence and poise needed to stand and deliver at an ACM.

Trusted Execution

We supported the first digital presentation to an ACM in 1996 and the first full-day virtual meeting in 2020. We can handle all the details of your meeting so you can focus on connecting with the panel and presenting your work.


Commercial Presentations

From sales training presentations to launch materials, SlideSource designers make sure your communication objectives pop off the screen. We use presentation science to bring your science to light.

Our team can manage complex development projects around your workflow. We design to AMA style standards carefully tracking references and source material. Our library solutions ensure that your team never loses a slide again.

Graphics and presentations for:


Corporate Presentations

Effective corporate communication is critically important to every company. Data never speaks for itself. We help bring your data and your messaging to light using science-based presentation and persuasion principles.

From the board room to the investor conference to the strategy conference table, our team of experts will ensure that your key messages come through loud and clear.

Graphics and presentations for: