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Press Release 01.13.15 Helps Companies Effectively Manage

Their PowerPoint Slide and Presentation Libraries

(Research Triangle Park, N.C.; Jan. 13, 2015), a new cloud-based service to help companies organize and manage PowerPoint presentations, has completed its public beta testing program and is now open to new users.


 “Collaborating on PowerPoint presentations is a significant challenge for companies that lack tools to manage the process,” said Robert Befus, vice president of operations at Research Presentation Strategies, the company that developed the new service. “When systems make it hard to track and manage existing presentations, individuals run the embarrassing risk of using the wrong version of a slide during an important presentation.” enables companies to organize, manage and collaborate on slides and presentations securely via the Web. A presentation or group of slides can even be downloaded, modified offline and re-uploaded without compromising the integrity of the version history.


“Especially when you’re working in teams, slide development represents a significant cost,” Befus said. “Yet the heaviest users report that they often can’t find slides and information they need to reuse and end up recreating slides as a result. That’s an enormous amount of waste and inefficiency that can put an end to.” already has received great reviews.


“In 18 years as a presentations consultant, I have seen more than my share of flawed collaboration tools and awkwardly designed organization schemes,” said Rick Altman, host of the Presentation Summit. “That’s why is such a breath of fresh air, with its smartly designed tools for storage, archiving, collaboration and version control. It’s seamless, effortless and elegant — three qualities that are rarely seen together. It’s hard to imagine a client of mine who wouldn’t benefit from it.”

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