If you regularly use USB sticks to backup or transport presentation files, I’m guessing you have asked yourself this question at least once in your career (perhaps with an increasing sense of panic as you run out of places you haven’t searched).  How many times have you found the stick in clothes already in the hamper? How many times have you never been able to find it at all?

A recent study found that over 22,000 USB sticks get left at the dry cleaners on an annual basis. And that’s just in the U.K. This number is even more sobering when you consider that the study also revealed almost half of these sticks never get returned to their owner.

This can be a major problem for several reasons. For instance, a PowerPoint file on that missing stick may be the only copy of the high-profile presentation you are scheduled to deliver tomorrow morning. It might contain highly sensitive or proprietary content. Given the risks, your best bet is to avoid relying on portable data storage altogether.

SlideSource.com keeps all your slides in a secure, centrally located, cloud-based content library that is easily accessible by all the members of your team, all the time. This means that your crucial files will never end up in a bin beneath your dry cleaner’s counter and you will always know exactly where the latest and greatest version of every slide and presentation can be found. SlideSource also supports tagging of individual slides and has a robust search function so slides are easy to find — even within the system.

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