The previous installments of this series described four archetypal co-workers that may be familiar to you — Vickie VersionsSally SharerSly D’Stroyer, and Louie Lostem. Each is a team member you might not pick if you were the one assembling a presentation team. Even though we’re pretty sure they are perfectly wonderful people most of the time, they can be anything but wonderful to work with when creating or organizing slides and presentations. We would now like you to meet the fifth and final person you will meet when you make presentations…

Harry Hermit

Harry often seems to find himself in the barren wilderness cut off from the all the benefits of contemporary civilization due to a lack of internet connection. Sometimes it’s because he’s always on a plane or stuck in the middle of nowhere visiting remote client sites. Sometimes Harry is just the kind of guy who insists that his dial-up AOL internet access works “just fine.”

Whether he’s an intrepid explorer or a neo-luddite, Harry often needs to download shared presentation files to work on them offline and away from the team. What happens when Harry returns from his sojourns in the geographic or technological hinterlands? How can the work he did while he was away be integrated back into what the team has been doing?

Even though SlideSource Library is an innovative cloud-based solution to presentation management problems, it still works just fine for folks who find themselves disconnected from the cloud. Harry can easily download slides from SlideSource Library and work on them offline. Then when he returns from the wilderness, windblown and badly in need of a shave, he can easily upload the slides back into his slide collection.

The best part is, SlideSource Library will automatically recognize his slides and will return them to exactly the same place they came from, making Harry’s version the latest and greatest while retaining all the versions that came before. All tags and other information associated with the slide in SlideSource will remain, and if the updated slide is part of any presentation in SlideSource Library, it will be automatically updated. SlideSource Library will even know if anyone else has edited the slide while Harry was working  offline and will help him resolve the version conflicts.

Have any of the fine folks we have introduced you to over the course of these articles reminded you, even a little, of someone you know? It’s hard to imagine working in a collaborative environment for any length of time without having the pleasure of sharing a project with someone who at least resembles one of them. SlideSource Library can easily accommodate your co-worker’s (or boss’s) quirks. It can also lessen the negative impact that any other slide management challenges might have on your team’s performance. We invite to take a few minutes to learn more or to sign up for a free, full-featured trial account, and see how it can help your team find its way to the project’s conclusion.