The previous installments of this series introduced you to three archetypal team members you might not pick if you were the one picking the team — Vickie VersionsSally Sharer, and Sly D’Stroyer. Even though they are basically good people (they don’t kick puppies or steal candy from babies, as far as we know), they can be very painful to work with when a team is trying to make or organize slides and presentations. Today, we would like you to meet the forth member of this rogues gallery of challenging co-workers…

Louie Lostem

Losing hours of work due to PowerPoint ineptitude (thanks Sly) is one thing, losing them because Louie Lostem lost the slides is another. Right now, the file your team desperately needs to make a big deadline is on a thumb drive, in the left front pocket of his favorite skinny jeans, at his dry cleaners, 20 miles from the office. At least Louie’s pretty sure that’s exactly where it is.

It might also be lost in an electronic sort of way somewhere in a cryptically named folder on his laptop. Or maybe the company’s server. Or maybe it’s on Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, SpiderOak, or any of the other half dozen personal cloud storage accounts he uses on a strictly arbitrary basis.

SlideSource Library keeps all your slides in a centrally located, cloud-based content location that is easily accessible by all the members of your team, all the time. This means that your crucial files will never end up in the pocket of anyone’s jeans and you will always know exactly where the latest and greatest version of every slide and presentation can be found. SlideSource Library also supports tagging of individual slides and has a robust search function so slides are easy to find — even within the system.

It’s very possible you may be working with Louie Lostem right now. If that’s the case, please take a few minutes to learn more or to sign up for a free, full-featured trial account, and see how it can help your team find its way to the project’s conclusion.