SlideSource works directly with you to seamlessly plan, prepare, and develop your advisory committee (AdComm) presentation. With over 25 years of experience, we ensure our pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device clients present their best by providing:

  • Expert guidance for FDA AdComm meetings or CHMP Scientific Advisory Group and Oral Explanation presentations
  • Design and development of core presentation and Q&A backup slides
  • Proprietary systems for organizing, retrieving, and displaying backup slides
  • Comprehensive technology package to support informal and full mock rehearsals
  • Unique solutions for virtual mock rehearsals and livestreaming of all events
  • Expert audiovisual engineering support across all meetings including the final AdComm presentation

Our Process

  1. Building the Story

    Our experienced team of designers take the time to learn and understand the outcomes and the story your data tells so we can bring your science to life. Using built-in templates and solutions, we help you strategically outline and develop your presentation.

  2. Tools to Navigate

    As the creation of the presentation progresses, our suite of proprietary solutions supports the development, indexing, and retrieval of backup slides.

  3. Preparation

    With extensive knowledge of advisory committee presentations, SlideSource’s expert team prepares you to present and answer tough questions by holding mock meetings and internal rehearsals. We ensure you feel confident and poised to deliver your presentation by providing you with the tools needed to quickly locate and display backup slides during Q&A.

  4. Trusted Execution

    We provide full audiovisual support systems during the live advisory committee presentation so you can expertly present your work, knowing that you’re backed with state-of-the-art tools that ensure your data is always at your fingertips.