SlideSource is excited to announce that we have released a number of new features for SlideSource Library that make our industry-best slide management system even better.

SlideSource Library was designed to be a slide and presentation management system but, let’s face it, slides and presentations aren’t the only thing that need to be organized and managed. There is usually a lot of documentation that supports their creation. That is why we are very excited about the new Document Collections feature that is now a part of SlideSource Library.

Document Collections support any and all file types. This means every digital asset your company depends on can now be stored in one secure location. We have also added a new custom field type to SlideSource Library called an Attachment Type. This enables users to attach any documents or files directly to any slide or presentation. For instance, the source data or a journal article used to create a slide can be stored in a Document Collection and attached to that slide for easy reference.

Version control is also enabled in Document Collections for all of your Microsoft Office documents. (A licensed copy of Microsoft Office must be on your device in order to edit directly from SlideSource Library).   

Another big change that isn’t immediately visible is the new configurable landing page. Before this update, the SlideSource Library interface for all users was static. Now, the interface can be customized by adding a logo, library title and a set of links that can be organized in categories in a sidebar.

When enabled, a site administrator can create a persistent side menu containing links to any folder in any slide, presentation or document collection. Links can also be added to any webpage or other resource accessible via a web URL. Links can be grouped into collapsible categories and the order of the categories and the links within them is also fully customizable.

The new landing page can also include  several widgets that can add some helpful information to the landing page. For instance, one widget offers various usage and slide status statistics about your library. Another widget displays information that is useful to have close at hand such as project announcements or a list of team members. Additional widgets are planned for the future.

Current users will be glad to know that the side-by-side pane configuration, a SlideSource innovation that makes the organization of all the content in your library effortless via drag and drop, has been maintained.

Consistent with the principles that have driven the development of SlideSource Library from its very beginning, all these new features can be enabled or disabled by a site administrator.

If you aren’t already a SlideSource Library user, now is a great time to sign up for a free account and give it a try. The free subscription has all the features and capabilities of the paid subscription levels so you will be able to see exactly what makes SlideSource Library the most innovative and useful presentation management system available.

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